Can a nuclear-weapons state champion disarmament?

by By Ramesh Thakur,

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The Problem of Nuclear Weapons and What To Do About It

by By Ramesh Thakur,

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In Wake of Ukraine Crisis, European Leadership Group Calls for a New Dialogue on Mutual Security

In the midst of a major crisis in Ukraine, European heads of state meet on 19-20 December to discuss EU defence policy.

by European Leadership Network (ELN),

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Bombs have no religion

ISLAMABAD: Speakers at a seminar on nuclear non-proliferation dispelled the negative narrative about Pakistan’s nuclear assets and called upon the

by Senator Mushahid Hussain, The Express Tribune,

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Nuclear deterrence doctrine has failed to curb wars, say experts


by The Express Tribune,

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Leadership for a nuclear weapons-free world

by Ramesh Thakur, The Japan Times,

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Nuclear Disarmament Disarmed

by Gareth Evans, Singapore,

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Extracts from Speech ‘Global implications of the Asia-Pacific century

by Kevin Rudd, Stockholm,

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Road map for abolition of nuclear arms needed

by Ramesh Thakur, The Daily Yomiuri,

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